Kristiana Römer* (sometimes spelled as Roemer) is an up-and-coming vocalist and composer. In her writing, she brings together her original poetry and musical composition. She performs her originals and standards in German and English. It is her strong stage presence, personable naturalness and warm vocal timbre that draw in the audience. She integrates her German and American roots and influences in jazz, folk, art song, and choral music into her singing. 

Born and raised in Germany, Kristiana followed her instinct to compose poems and songs already as a child. Upon receiving a scholarship, she spent one year of study at Concordia College (MN) where she deepened her study of classical, choral, and vocal ensemble music. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science back in Germany, she intrepidly decided to move to Paris. This is where she discovered jazz and was seduced by the freedom and complexity of it. She began performing every night and completed her Bachelor of Science degree while simultaneously enrolling in vocal jazz at the Paris Conservatory. Soon after, she moved to Brooklyn, NY, to complete her Master of Music in vocal jazz performance and composition while establishing herself as performer and bandleader.


Aside from singing, she continues to write and perform poetry and has also appeared in several films and series.