• Kristiana Roemer


Updated: Jan 21, 2018

That cigarette lit…

Singeing the thick porridge-like air It’s become a moor of a heavy hot paste Wrapping an oily film around me Dreams dangling from the atmosphere My heart spread wide open and lunging forward into space Ready to shoot out my gaze and grease the night

A honey-coated gift it was To cuddle up in our broiling tub Lathered up in stars made of butter And rub up against each other Smoothe our brazen skin Inhaling one another Ashen, charred, there we’d sit Yet, what a sweet gift  It was We were ours

Open hearts running all around the dark yard The stars dripping gold Oozing little scars into our eyes Our rising minds pounding down Heavy on our bones A scorched rhapsody singing Bombing the night Of pure platinum tones That we carried home

Home — it’s what it was It’s what we were But a soft powder raining from the creamy current Shooting out from the yard’s lantern Raw bullets Penetrating our own thirsty pallets A gift it was

Another drag of that cigarette…

We drank in Rivers of crackling caramel Its blackened vapor Together — You’d think we were burning up But we never were Our substance kept growing We were baking Cooked together in a milky pool Where we were steaming out our love, our anger, our lust Into a creamy rich sauce

There we were Bathed in sweat, and beaming Fallen stars from the liquid sky Brewing up heat from burnt-up heartbeats Gliding up We were burning, sure — just the insides Melting into one another Becoming the one and same thick silky color We’d melt, we’d sweat into the same simmering mist One million specks of sparkling dust Rising up up up up Until we could see it — the gift As we believed it There it was

A scene I still taste…

We were there, together, we’d breathe Taking the sullen smoke’s light in deeply We were just kids Another hit to our hearts To grant our flesh peace And just lay it down dimly At ease… So we tried

“Got a light?”

I turn to look at you. And you, and you, my sisters, Who are you? Our clogged eyes touch. Our watering hearts meet. The heat — once existed. Today, as cool, individual, powerful, hip meat now I face you.

“Have a drag of mine.”

Shivers… Damn, we tried Our minds have resisted And survived their cremation The yard is dried ash The house shriveled skin So hard did we try To survive; to give in And yet, hell… We won Fire’s gone And now here we sit Doing just fine

In the sun Some parched shells Left behind


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