• Kristiana Roemer

High Castle

One eye overlooking Deep landscape below I’m perched at the window A foreign home My sight piercing down from a kingdom up high Yet it’s a cage standing open I am free to go even welcomed to come down into the bitter cold snow that’s slowly burying a still breathing land I’d grown accustomed to love I’d intimately known

Black, hot, sizzling tea Summoned by my hand’s embrace it is singing hot air its threads of steam cross my gaze Beautiful silhouettes I remember from another lost phase when musing over steam and figures consumed most of my days and were considered worthwhile…

Up in this high castle my body’s finally grown ill All the things here have chilled lost their purpose to beguile anything but my soul (ever since a new ruler has summoned the cold) that is still heeding reveries for this frozen land before the two, finally might, too, turn to snow

A deep growl from my lungs causing shivering aches A cough fiercely rooted with a rattle that pains me, just briefly, light-footed before lunging me forward toward the sharp and stiff peace of the plains

Just behind me the emperor’s music is playing Sharp tones cracking air bellowing down fiercely They might just shatter the place stab this body of ice into one million ice splinters It’s becoming a harsh winter I know I need only turn around and I’d see him, playing, loud and forsaken, a sound clear and foul sending out a cry, vibrating the castle like a lonesome wolf’s howl It is time

I step out into the wilderness The old familiar homeland A gush of windy slices of ice so numbing it’s comforting to feel the cold melt all emotion tearing me up into fine shreds Finally It is time to spread among this horizon time to dissolve into it time this damned land be fed


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