• Kristiana Roemer

Little World

Waking up to my demise It was a well-scripted movie.

Waking up to beneath his disguise the one with which he’d accrue me.

Waking up in whole-gutted despise towards the life that’s supposed to pursue me.

All dolled up in leeches deep clean-cut gold breaches for a life that needs me. —  To feel worthy?

Waking up to “go follow”, but I don’t. I hear the others holler, I won’t. Instead,

I wake up To my own violated mind. To heed it had been my only duty. I inhale its kind words, stringed with a demon’s curse; but they say, good things stay for better or for worse. —  And this mind’s always stuck with me truly.

The demise of a youngster calls the rise of an elder —  so wise so not to fret over Little World’s peril; so tired so not to let her little fits impel her.

Waking up to not caring to ever defeat. Let the damn baby cry;  make it loud, her deceit! We’ve all been deceit —  through her! So, quiet!

“World, give us a break. Set us free from your trial. Go and scream in a cavern or some cave to yourself until you feel you have found a place deep deep down to help. Don’t cry  to us, World. Don’t taunt us critters. Our fragility’s high, don’t cause more to splinter.

Little World, you baby girl, so confused and so lost from your purpose and cause. Then, now — stop the fuss! And the cry, will you! Hush! Even you, you can rise to wiser beauty and splendor.

Wake up, Little World, breathe deep and sit. Don’t promise me passion, glory, and all that shit. You have nothing at all – only love to give.” (Thank you)

Close my eyes, to the serenity of our own minds. Close my eyes, to his smile I see from far off behind. Close my eyes, to the passions he fused with mine. Close my eyes, to his disinterest in pursuing — this time. Waking up, to a beautifully laid out suicide.

“Wake from the madness, World! Breathe deep. Calmly sit. World, awake from the illusion you carry since birth. Crashing into this well-defined hazardous pit, I know it did hurt. I know you might hurt even more when the time comes to split.” Life on Earth has been good; life on Earth has been barred. Forget the madness, World, don’t try so hard.

Give us your love. Give us your beauty.” That’s all we are truly in need of.


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