• Kristiana Roemer

Prospect Park

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Whispers in the night. As they lay in the clearing, she is being eaten alive. Insects preying on her skin. She’s to be freed at the same time by a dream she carries within. She forms it in the clouds just beyond his face, revealing a thick and heavy shroud. Lost from the body it was concealing, it disintegrates into flakes of dust and rises up towards nothing. Naked, she tries to humbly let go of his trust and welcome all that this lust is becoming.

It was a fleeting few days that felt like eternity. Reunited with his ways, a shadow hidden secretly had appeared among these two lovers long parted and found peace in a haven for a time being. Truly, wholehearted- -ly, she laughed and laughed for the treasures she once gave him. Unforgettable path between reality and heaven, so afloat and malcraft- -ed, it would not eternally enslave them.

Now, the shroud disappearing, she lies calm. Her dream is alive. The child will survive. The two merged in the clearing inside the deep sky, she knows. And her soul smiles and rests alone with the young embryo.


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